Saturday, October 24, 2015

What I'm About, or, Why I Think You Should Care What I Think or Say or Whatever

I've never blogged before (except for this cool little thing or that time 15-year-old-me blogged about my driving instructor at the DMV and now in retrospect it sounds a bit racist so hopefully it's lost in cyberspace forever), but I've got a few specific ideas, and you might be interested in some of them:

This will take up most of my time the next few months, and I will be releasing more information and asking for your involvement shortly. But the basic premise involves you getting to watch and laugh as I put myself through humiliating and/or potentially dangerous flammable hoops of self-improvement.

I've been writing informal reviews on my Goodreads page for a while now, but here I will be writing more entertaining reviews, mainly on books and movies and books-turned-into-movies. Starting with a battle between the Andy Weir novel and Ridley Scott movie in: The Martian vs. The Martian (coming soon)! And followed by a run-down of horror in pop culture, in the vein of Stephen King's Danse Macabre (coming not-as-soon)!

Can you make suggestions for me to review? Absolutely! Will I listen? ...maybe?

I will be posting updates on my career as a storyteller (starting with my upcoming published short story, "Shuffle") and even releasing pieces of my fiction here.

Perhaps my first blog (after this one, obviously) will be about a stain on the Code of Ethics held by journalists that I stumbled on yesterday, which brings me to my last category: basically, anything goes. If I want to write it, then I'm gonna write it, goddammit! <--by the way, I swear. So, if you don't abide by a few "fuck"s every once in a while, this might not be the fuckin' blog for you.

Okay, there goes my first blog. Boring, but it had to be done. I will try to organize each post into some kind of order using the above categories. And if you have any suggestions of what I should write, please, let me know! I reserve the right to ignore whatever you say (but most likely I'll be flattered that you read what I have to say and totally agree to write what you suggest... I'm not a douche, I promise)!


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