Monday, November 2, 2015

Self-Improvement=Torture, Day 2: Adulting Is Hard

Okay, yesterday sucked, and today I feel like seven layers of caked shit (you're welcome for the image), but I'm determined to be productive! Check this out:

Woke up at 6 a.m. -- Why is this an accomplishment? Well, sleep and I have quite the abusive relationship. Not being able to fall asleep at night and then not being able to wake up in the morning was such a struggle 8-10 years ago, courtesy of my diabetes, that it actually prevented me from graduating from high school (and so I tested out my junior year, did a year of community college, and transferred to a university, but that's a different story). So waking up at this hour and actually DOING THINGS is a real struggle for me.

Rented a car -- WHAT?!? I'M OLD ENOUGH TO DO THAT NOW? Weird. But yes. And it's one of those super nice cars where you press a button to start the engine and you speculate on whether the car factories have gone too far and created Artificial Intelligence.

Took car to mechanic -- Okay, so I'm actually in the process of doing this right now... I'm making an appointment with an import shop in Rancho Cordova to repair the transmission in my Jetta, and then I'm having AAA (O! Beautiful AAA!) tow my car to the mechanic so they can let me know if it'll cost just a foot or the whole goddamn leg.

All this before Old Spencer even woke up, usually. Which forces me to believe something, finally...


Also today, before I go to work (during which one of my students will learn the Super Mario Bros. theme!), I will eat healthy things, try writing some of my novel, and go buy glucose test strips.

"Glucose test strips? What are those?" you may ask. Well... check this out.

Glucose test strips = tiny strips the size of (*searches brain for comparison*) a small paperclip, which can be inserted into a glucose meter, which will in turn tell you what your blood sugar levels are if you feed the test strip a drop of your own blood. Doctors tell diabetics you only need to use about 2 of these a day, but if you are unhealthy and don't have your diabetes under control, they tell you to use about 4 to 6 of them. And if you're SICK, use one every 2 hours (so 12 a day).

Here's the catch: these tiny strips cost $1 each.

Let's do the math. I will need about 5 strips a day. $5 a day. Every. Day.

I know it may not sound like much. BUT. That's just to test my blood sugar levels, before I inject myself with insulin. So that's without the cost of syringes (which are cheap) and insulin (which is NOT cheap). And then there's eating the right food.




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