Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Easy Steps for the Lonely Writer

All right, that title is a misnomer. Sorry if you found this somewhere in the vast oceans of the internet, hoping to find a list of seven easy steps to help writers who are lonely. But! Before you go away, please read on: This may give you ideas.

Writing prompts. They're great. Or they can be. They usually are. A good writing prompt serves multiple purposes, but the most obvious is, well, obvious: It gets you writing!

The story goes like this: My wife was going to be out of town for a week, and we're still relatively newly weds, so she knew I wasn't thrilled about being alone in the apartment for so long. To help while she's away, she created a folder on my computer: "Writing Prompts." I open it up and see one document for every day that she is gone, each with a new writing prompt she created in order to get my creative juices flowing in productivity, and to combat the fact that I'll be missing her like crazy.

I took it one step further, on a whim, after completing the first writing prompt: Make each consecutive entry a new chapter in the same story, so that each writing prompt is like a scene and they all fit into one big narrative. This would be especially challenging, as I was only looking at the prompts one at a time, as I was writing them. No peeking ahead.

I'm on Day 5 now, and the experiment has been quite fun. I've fallen into a strange Divine Comedy-type, Christmas Carol-esque tale, and I thought I'd share!

7 prompts, 7 days. I'll be posting these faster than one-a-day, though, since I've already written over half, but just know that they've been written one-a-day, I haven't cheated and looked ahead, and I haven't edited previous days to fit with current prompts.

Heeeeeeeeeeere we... go!

Step 1. Ten Thousand Steps.
Step 2. A Companion.
Step 3. A Drunken Detour.
Step 4. The Hills Have Eyes.
Step 5. Her Graven Image.
Step 6. The Earth, Flattened.
Step 7. Back to the Beginning.

Step 10,000. Colla Voce. 

Day 1: Find the good in "goodbye."
Day 2: Our crazy cat.
Day 3: A Friday night gone bad.
Day 4: Monsters.
Day 5: Fame.
Day 6: Conspiracy theories.
Day 7: Backwards! 

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